Orator 0.7.1 is now out. This version improves collections, fixes relationships behavior and the old way of declaring relationships is now deprecated. It also brings other minor fixes and improvements.

For the full list of changes, see the CHANGELOG


Collection are now largely improved with the addition of several methods.

For the complete list of methods, please refer to the corresponding documentation section

Deprecation of relationship methods on Model

When the 0.7 version was released it had been announced that the old way of declaring relationships would still be supported, this is no longer the case as of this version and using relationship methods will generate a deprecation warning. You should update you models to use the relationships decorators added in version 0.7.

Improvements and fixes

  • #22 Model.fill() and other methods now accept a dictionary in addition to keyword arguments.
  • MySQL charset config value was not used when connecting. This is now fixed. (Thanks to @heavenshell)
  • Dynamic properties called the wrong methods when accessing the related items.

    For example:

    comment = Comment.first()
    comment.post.update(title='My Post')

    would call BelongsTo.update() instead of Post.update(). This has been fixed.

  • Commands have been improved
  • The to_dict methods on the Model, Collection classes and paginators are now deprecated. serialize is now the supported method.
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